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Before your All-In Event, Cort will help you craft your vision. Relying on his decades of experience as a master executive coach, he will push you to answer key questions: What level of performance is impossible today, but if it could be achieved, would fundamentally transform your business and the lives of your people? If I visited a future where that performance was common place, what would I see, hear and feel?
When your vision is ready to be revealed, you will work with Cort on every aspect of the All-In Event, from the physical invitation given to your team and the agenda, to your opening remarks, enrolling your followers, and action plan development. Once invited to consider a different future, your people will pass through three emotional phases: denial, resistance and exploration, before choosing whether to accept or decline your invitation. Such an inquiry requires an all-In Leader who can create the “social container” necessary for resistance to be safely expressed and possibilities to be genuinely explored.
Ultimately, you will call on your people to answer one big, yes or no question: “Will the future I have invited you to join me in realizing happen?” It’s a risky endeavor. But playing a big game is a high-risk, high-reward venture. You will earn more effective enrollment from your team through an All-In Event because you and Cort will walk your followers through all three emotional phases in a matter of days and depart with a critical mass of committed followers and an executable plan for realizing your vision––a process that typically takes months, if not years, to complete.
You and your team will develop strategies and make plans at your All-In Event. You’ll leave with a road map to your vision with tangible action steps, accountabilities, and milestones, and you’ll start putting those plans in action at the event. By the time you leave the All-In Event, work on the change you once thought was impossible will have already begun.


“Our Clear Leading from the Future Summit was a watershed event for me and my people.”
-MARCEL ROBICHAUX, General Manager of Drilling & Completions, Chevron



In today’s business climate, it remains highly unusual for a company’s leadership to declare a different future––to stand up and say, “I’m committing to a whole new way of operating. Here is what it looks like.” But it is unquestionably one of the most powerful moves a leader can make.

An All-In Event is different than any other corporate event you’ve ever attended or led. Lives and companies are fundamentally changed at these multi-day gatherings.


Organizations that endure master the art of change. Sometimes the change is precipitated internally: a leadership transition or a desire for higher operating standards. Sometime the change is forced upon us: a competitor’s successful innovation or an industry’s shifting climate. If recognizing the need for change is the leader’s first challenge, the second, and perhaps even the greatest feat, will be to enlist followers in it.

Cort Dial teaches leaders how to create real change and mobilize dedicated followers through his All-In Events, action-based solutions for pioneers ready to lead their organizations forward. Most leaders try to do the heavy lifting themselves. That is wrong. Leadership is not about problem solving. It’s about creating a compelling future that generates followers who will do the heavy lifting for you. They’ll make the change happen. Your All-In Event will help them get there.


“When change is needed, leaders must stand up in front of everyone and articulate that change in a very powerful, compelling way. That is what an All-In Event is: a transformative gathering of people who are about to embark on an exciting new journey together. No one leaves an All-In Event the same person they were when they arrived.” —Cort Dial


Are you interested in All-In Leadership?

Curious about what you stand to gain from interacting with a veteran executive coach?

An All-In Keynote is a one-to-two hour deep dive into Cort’s original All-In Leadership concept. Customized for each organization and delivered by Cort as an interactive and thought-provoking conversation, the All-In Keynote delivers the following takeaways that empower individuals to begin their own All-In Leader journeys.

Your All-In Keynote includes:

  • An inspiring introduction to All-In Leadership and a pragmatic explanation of why All-In Leaders are more effective
  • An educational exploration of the fundamental principles outlined in Cort’s book Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership
  • Pre-keynote time with Cort to discuss your organization and challenges so that he can specifically support your intentions for the presentation

“My goal in a keynote is always to further the message of the event in which I am participating, while simultaneously creating that watershed moment in a leader’s life where he or she goes All-In.” —Cort Dial