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All-In Leaders see business and performance through a wider, definitively human lens. Through his All-In Events, All-In Keynotes, and select one-on-one coaching engagements, Cort is the one who opens their eyes.


Med-4-Fields-5-Conditions-side-by-side No 1 rev2Today, leaders around the world are waking up to a redeeming truth: The choice between profits or people is a false dilemma. Author and transformational event producer Cort Dial has a name for these new ambassadors of soul and purpose: All-In Leaders. With Cort’s help, All-In Leaders see business differently than those trapped in traditional corporate mindsets.


Med-4-Fields-5-Conditions-side-by-side No 2Cort developed his concept of All-In Leadership through three decades of battles and lessons. Sometimes he won: He spoke truth to power and saved lives as a young engineer when he realized a crew of men were entering a tank full of nitrogen gas. Sometimes he lost: A man died in his arms after a plant at which Cort was a supervisor failed to take appropriate precautions.

On assignment as a performance coach in the Middle East, Cort shouldered the task of convincing a wary team of locally sourced supervisors to commit to the goal of completing a project ahead of schedule, under budget, and without hurting anyone––performance that was unheard of at that place and time. Cort’s strategy in the Middle East did not hinge on better equipment or sharper protocols. For Cort, humanity was the answer.

It was the first big test of the All-In Leadership concept he’d started to develop, and the results were revolutionary. Cort earned the supervisors’ buy-in. Crews completed the massive project in record time, used less money, and did not harm anyone.