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Over the last 30 years in a variety of environments ranging from corporate skyscrapers to South American jungles, Cort Dial has honed a unique approach to developing coaches and business leaders founded in the core conviction: “Leaders reach the summit of leadership when they can create extraordinary business performance while caring for people.” Cort calls this new breed of 21st-century hero the All-In™ Leader. When coaches need coaching or when Chevron, Intel, U.S. Borax, Disney, Apple, and other organizations want to cultivate a new breed of leader, they turn to Cort Dial. By guiding individuals through frank self-evaluation, personal change, and the pursuit of extraordinary performance, he creates All-InTM Leaders, high achievers who recognize the power of human connection.


For the last 30 years, Cort has honed the 4 Fields of Performance­ and developed the Conditions of Performance, his original concepts outlining ways leaders can inspire and link their people so teams perform at their best. All-In Leaders master the 5 Conditions and confidently navigate all 4 Fields, transforming their staffs and companies in the process.

“…impossible results.”

“You’ll get results that you have believed to be impossible,” Cort says. “That’s what my coaches and clients are buying when they engage with me. You’ll learn how to be, speak, and act in ways which grow leaders who attract followers ready and willing to be led.”

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The roots and results of his unique All-In Leadership philosophy are also explored in his award-winning new book, Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership, named The Best Business Book of the Year by Canada’s Globe and Mail.

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Cort lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and best friend of more than 35 years—Julie, along with their son Charlie—a professional golfer, daughter Katy and son-in-law Trent Reynolds—owners of TRPD®a youth baseball player development business, and grandsons Max and Jake.